You place your order through the online order form.

The online order form replaces the traditional printed version. Saves you time. We don’t risk the chance of your student athlete losing it on the way to pictures and we protect your credit card data by not having it floating around on a printed form.

You can’t order through the gallery. The images are just not setup in that way. Due to the fact we don’t know what images parents will want to buy - it would be a massive amount of work to edit every image with all the possible combinations of choices.

When you order a Package. You get to choose 1 individual image per package. When you buy Ala Carte you change choose any combination of images. No limits except for the wallets. Those are in sets.
WHAT IF YOUR ATHLETE IS ON MORE THEN ONE TEAM. Its okay to mix teams. However you will need to make clear instructions of that fact.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 22.54.51.png

We will send a link to the raw images from the photo shoot. From that gallery you will choose the image(s) you want. From there you go to the order form and choose the package or print sizes you want for the images you found in the gallery. In the gallery each image has an Image# DSC..... Write this down or save them to a favorites.

Screenshot 2018-11-19 22.43.35.png

Back in the order form - when you click on an item form you’ll have a prompt to enter in the image# or other specifications.
In the online order form you’ll see package options and other choices for prints and digital images. When you find the item you want. Click Add to cart. 

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When you click add to cart. You’ll get a pop up that allows you to reference the image you want for that item. One image per package or item. If you want to buy all 8 images you’ll probably want to choose the specific print size or do digital.

Screenshot 2018-11-15 00.11.58.png

In the final check out process you’ll be asked for the team name, athletes name and jersey# and etc.

Note the Name in this box below is the name of your child. Not your Name. Its very important I know the Team name, The Sport, the Level and the Jersey Number. I do many different teams and schools. So having the most details insures we get your order correct.

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We are always open to new ideas for prints and packages. Or suggestion on how to make the process easier. Feel free to email us. mailto:

I CAN’T FIND MY TEAM OR SPORT ON THE ORDER FORM? The Order form images are just examples of the types of product your ordering. The images only represent the products. 
WHY CAN’T I ORDER DIRECTLY FROM THE GALLERY? The service that provides a holding place for my gallery charges us 12% to handle custom orders. We feel that fee is too high is we perform all the custom work. The online order form service doesn’t provide a secure way to protect my image assets. We hope to find a better way to address those issues in the future. We feel that allowing customers to specify the image for the order out ways the hassle it may cause. We could always go back to the photographer choosing the images for you.
WHY ARE DIGITAL IMAGE MORE THEN PRINTS? With a digital image you can print as many copies as you want in any size up. We feel the that is a more valuable asset than a single print.
WHY IS AN 8x10 PRINT $25.00, WHEN PRINTS CAN BE DONE FOR A FEW DOLLARS AT COSTCO? We don’t use Costco #1. We use a profession lab that specializes in printing. The paper is a very high quality and has a 100-year life.
WHEN WILL I GET MY ORDER? We would love to delivery your order in 2 weeks after the shoot. Each image is edited - in some cases the backgrounds are removed, or team images are created from individual images. Then a custom design is created with those images. Custom Templates are then made for the team to give the images a uniform look and feel. We take pride in the image quality. Also allowing time for parents to choose the images all takes time. We do strive to provide the team needs first as those are needed for the start of the season. Finally, we are also processing 10-20+ teams at any given time. All this pushes the 2-week desire - out to 3-6 weeks.